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Bankruptcy Overview


If your phone is ringing off the hook from collectors, if you have judgments, or if your debt burden is just too high, and you don’t see a reasonable chance of paying off your debt in the near future, personal bankruptcy may be your best option. Personal bankruptcy filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code is legal and effective, and will give you a fresh start in life.

Don’t let the bill collectors ruin your life. Don’t spend ALL your money on the high interest charged by greedy credit card companies.

Bankruptcy is Legal: You are entitled to file legally under the federal laws of the United States.

Bankruptcy is Powerful: The Bankruptcy Laws provide powerful protection for people who have too much debt.

Bankruptcy Will Eliminate All Your Unsecured Debt: Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate all your unsecured debt: credit cards, medical bills, most personal loans, judgments, deficiencies resulting from repossessions can all be discharged and reduced to ZERO with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy .

Keep Your Property: As long as you don’t have significant equity in your home or car, you can keep all your property. If you do have significant equity a Chapter 13 filing may be more appropriate for you. Keep your home. Keep your car. Keep your personal belongings, but eliminate your debt! This is your legal right under the Bankruptcy Code of the United States.

Enjoy Immediate Relief! : Your relief starts the moment you file. Under the law, you are entitled to an Automatic Stay on all creditor activity as soon as you file. This means that the phone calls will stop. All legal activity will also stop, including all foreclosure actions. You can stop paying and stop worrying.

Legally Get Out Of Debt:

Stop home foreclosure

Stop wage garnishment

Stop repossession of property

Stop Bill Collector Harassment

Consolidate Student Loans (Ch. 13)

Protect Co-signers

Repair Credit and Get Lower Credit Card Fees

You may have many questions about Bankruptcy. The attorneys and paralegal staff at the Koplen Law Firm are uniquely qualified to answer ALL your questions. The Koplen Law Firm of New York has represented hundreds of bankruptcy clients over the years. We will provide you with pleasant, personal service and will represent your interests zealously and effectively. The Koplen Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions and make sure that you have effective representation.