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New York Bankruptcy Case Results

Case 1
When Mr. H.W. suffered a heart attack in 2008, he had to stop working. Shortly thereafter, his wife was laid off from her job due to the bad economy. The various benefits they received were not sufficient to pay living expenses. Soon they were deeply in debt. Between unpaid medical bills and credit cards, they owed nearly $45,000. They contacted the Koplen Law Firm. The attorneys reviewed their situation and advised a Chapter 7 filing. As soon as their case was filed, creditors stopped calling. Within a few weeks, their credit card and medical bills were discharged in bankruptcy. They are now debt free.

Case 2
K.J. and his wife A.J. had the cutest little girl, but they had no health insurance. When their little daughter became ill, Mom and Dad hired the best doctors. Unfortunately, they racked up medical bills of more than a hundred thousand dollars. They tried to keep

up, but there was no

way they could afford these bills. In addition, all their other expenses became unbearable under the circumstances. Their phone was ringing off the hook all day with collectors. They retained the Koplen Law Firm. Mr. Koplen filed a Chapter 7 for them. Within a few weeks, their medical bills were fully discharged in bankruptcy, along with other debts the family had incurred over the years. They are now debt free and their little girl has made a full recovery!

Case 3
C.M. and R.M. were both laid off. They could no longer make their mortgage payments. The bank was threatening foreclosure, and debts were piling up. Creditors harassed them daily. They contacted the Koplen Law Firm. Attorneys at the firm stopped the foreclosure and submitted a Chapter 13 Plan to the Bankruptcy Trustee. The Plan was accepted, and the couple was able to remain in their home. Under their Plan, they paid a small amount to the Trustee monthly for five years, and discharged all their unsecured debt. After five years, they were debt free and their mortgage was current.

These are just examples from the hundreds of bankruptcy cases handled by the Koplen Law Firm over the years. Whatever your situation is, the lawyers at the Koplen Law Firm have seen it before. They know what to do to get you legal relief from creditors. If you are troubled by debts you cannot pay, the Koplen Law Firm can review your situation and determine if bankruptcy is your best option. If bankruptcy is for you, The Koplen Law Firm can handle your bankruptcy case from start to finish. You can have a fresh start, and sleep better at night knowing your assets are safe and secure.