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Family Law

The Koplen Law Firm is a leading Rockland County diversified law firm with a concentration in family law. The attorneys and legal professionals at the Koplen Law Firm are dedicated to helping families throughout Rockland, Westchester and Orange Counties, and New York City by applying their extensive experience and knowledge in the area of family law.

Our areas of practice include pre-nuptial and ante-nuptial agreements, separation, divorce, division of property, maintenance, domestic violence, name change, adoption, child custody, visitation, child support, orders of protection, state custody issues, parental alientation, grandparent’s rights, neglect and abuse, pendente lite relief, and more.

Our professional goal has always been to aggressively protect the best interests of our clients. We are determined to protect, defend and advocate for our clients. Our clients’ goals are the most important thing to us and will aggressively pursue every legal avenue to achieve the best results for our clients.

We always seek the best possible resolution to our clients’ cases by offering intense, personalized and dedicated legal representation both inside and outside the courtroom.

Our attorneys have vast levels of experience in all types of family law matters. Senior attorney Michael A. Koplen, in addition to being an accomplished and recognized courtroom attorney, is a former county legislator, assistant county attorney, deputy mayor, village trustee, and civil court adjudicator. Mr. Koplen is the founder and Director of a nationally-recognized and highly accredited school for legal professionals, the Washington Online Learning Institute, where he still teaches family law, among other subjects. Attorney Koplen has authored a curriculum of family law which is used in more than 250 schools throughout the United States.

At the Koplen Law Firm, Mr. Koplen supervises a staff of talented, dedicated legal professionals including other attorneys, paralegal and support staff. When you retain the Koplen Law Firm, you retain a dedicated team of professionals who will do everything legally possible to protect your rights and help you achieve the goals you seek for your life. We know how important our clients’ issues are to our clients. Our solemn task is to defend your interests.

Law is more than just statutes and cases. We understand the emotional toll that family law contests can take on our clients. We do whatever we can to ease the burden. We understand divorce and child custody contests and their outcomes will affect our clients and their children for years to come.

Because family law issues have such a profound impact on those affected, we recommend involving an experienced Rockland County or New York family law attorney as soon as possible. With the proper knowledge of the subject and the resources to handle your case, an attorney at the Koplen Law Firm can help you determine how to approach your case and seek the custody or support arrangement you are hoping for.

With our knowledge of and experience with these matters, we are committed to protectingthe best interests of our clients by ensuring their needs, wants and concerns are acknowledged and properly addressed every step of the way.

If you’re involved in a family law controversy with a spouse, ex-spouse, guardian or other party let an attorney at our law offices defend your rights as a parent or guardian. Let us protect your as we seek an outcome that is best for you. If child custody is the issue, allow an experienced attorney to protect the relationship you have with your child and therefore protect your child’s future.

If you need legal assistance with a family law matter, call the Koplen Law Firm today.

Our offices are located in New City, directly across from the Supreme Court Building. Our address is 14 South Main Street, New City, New York 10956.

Our phone number is 845-623-7070