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Behind on Your Mortgage?

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Serving Homeowners throughout the Hudson Valley in New York State

Are you in default on your home loan? Have you received a foreclosure notice from your lender? Are you are in financial straits from a job loss, reduced wages, a costly divorce, injury, or illness or due to troubled finances?

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments. Do you feel pressure from your mortgage lender?

Losing your home, probably your biggest asset, can only add to the stress of the financial crisis you may be facing. The Koplen Law Firm can help you!

If you have received foreclosure or late notices from your mortgage lender, you are not alone. Foreclosure rates across the nation have skyrocketed due to recent economic hard times. Indeed, the banks are preparing to foreclose on huge numbers of property over the next few years.

If you are behind on your mortgage, contact the foreclosure defense attorneys at the Koplen Law Firm. The experienced attorneys at the Koplen Law Firm will review your situation and advise you on the options you may have to fight foreclosure – maybe even stop it in its tracks and save your home.