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Recent Victories

Successful Trial Attorney

Recently, Michael A. Koplen, lead attorney for The Law Offices of Michael A. Koplen, won a courtroom victory against a national law firm. After a hard-fought trial that lasted more than a month, a Rockland County Supreme Court jury awarded $200,000 to a former Dress Barn inventory clerk who claimed she was sexually harassed by her supervisor. The case received national press coverage.

After the stunning courtroom victory, the New York Law Journal profiled Mr. Koplen as one of a very few highly successful suburban attorneys who prevail and win trials against major national and internationally-sized law firms.

The Journal reported, Michael A. Koplen gets a $200,000 verdicts against national heavy hitter Jackson Lewis Schnitzler Krupman, a national firm with 350 attorneys with offices in 20 cities.

The Journal asked, “How do these north suburban lawyers from solo law offices and small firm practices get the big verdicts?

The article went on to describe Mr. Koplen’s philosophy of trial practice: Know Your Clients

1. Case Inside and Out

2. Believe in Your Client’s Case

3. Let the Other Side Make Its Own Mistakes

4. Focus Like a Laser Beam on the Theory of Your Client’s Case

5. Understand and Connect With the Jury

Solos and small firm lawyers often have an advantage over large firms because they handle their clients claims from beginning to end,said the Journal.

The Law Journal concluded its article: Speak from the heart, suggested Mr. Koplen. Looking at the jury in the eye and showing them that you are completely committed to what you are doing is going to impress a jury more than any kind of technical prowess.

The Dress Barn litigation is only one of many cases successfully tried by Mr. Koplen over the years.

President of Paralegal College

Mr. Koplen is the Director and President of the Washington Online Learning Institute, a highly accredited schools for paralegal professionals (www.WOLI.com).

Mr. Koplen devoted years to writing the academic curriculum for his school. He wrote more than 100 legal courses and certificate programs, covering the broad array of legal issues.

When Washington Online became a national success, Mr. Koplen’s curriculum was adopted by more than 250 colleges across the United States. Thousands of paralegal students have studied Mr. Koplen’s courses and are now working as paralegal professionals in law firms, corporations and government agencies across the United States.